In addition to our wide-range of prefinished and site-finished hardwood floors, Dynasty Flooring also offers a variety of professional services.

Free Estimates

Allow us to come down to your place and take a look at the space we'll be working in. Give us time to evaluate the area and walk you through the process of how we'll be doing your floors. All at no cost to you.


Custom Floor Design

Simple, we can do that. Complex, intricate, we can also do those as well. Give us a drawing, picture, idea, and we can make that come to life, on your floor. 


Custom Colour Matching

We're able to match any colour to fit your space perfectly. 


Professional Installation 

Not only are we the ones selling you the floor, but we also install it. This makes us 100% confident that our product is delivered and installed the way it should be.


Sanding and Refinishing 

Maybe a new floor isn't what's right for you. We can bring the shine out of those old floors. We'll make them look brand new.


Repairing and Rebuilding of Hardwood Flooring 

There isn't always a need to put in a new floor. If something is sagging, or some boards are in poor condition we can come down and evaluate what needs to be done, to bring those back into the good life they once had. 


Ceramic Tile Installation

We also have a professional team available to do all of your ceramic tiling projects. 


Minor Home Renovations

We're skilled with all things home. There is a floor in every room, and we can help to make sure that those minor home renovations go off without a hitch.  


Custom Metal Stair Railing Fabrication

If you're wanting something a little different we also offer this. Very custom, very stylish.